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August 21st 2023

Once you get the mind right the body will follow.


What do I mean by that?  Until you are mentally prepared to make the necessary changes to make your health a priority, you will have great difficulty to achieve your goals.  Are mentally prepared to change your diet, to add workouts to your weekly routine, knowing that you’re gonna feel sore after the workouts?  I wish all it took was two weeks of eating salads and only going to the gym a few times and magically you’re back in shape, but that’s not the case.


But what’s important to know is YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  So many people struggle with making the decision to make their health a priority.  And even better news, there are so many who want to help and support you.  Your friends and family will encourage you, there are professionals such as Personal Trainers and Nutritional Coaches who can guide you.  All you have to do is take that first step.  And I am so proud of you for taking that step!  I hope you’re proud of yourself too. 

October 2nd 2023

The Importance of Rest.

I woke up this morning completely exhausted.  I kept telling myself I had no business being this tired.  But the truth is, September has been a taxing month.  First I was sick with Strep throat, then had a bad reaction to the medication, my side job as a pet sitter has been demanding, and I have a friend of in the hospital so I'm doing anything I can to help.  Today is the first day in over a month I have had no responsibilities, of COURSE I'm exhausted.  So today I'm going to give my body the much needed rest it is clearly telling me I need.  Listen to your body, don't push yourself when it's telling you to sit, rest helps prevents injuries. 

October 9th 2023

Another year older, another year wiser?

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday surrounded by friends and family, smiling from ear to ear.  This morning as I'm looking at the pictures the first thing I'm thinking is that I've gained weight.  My initial instinct was to beat myself up (as many of us do), how could I let this happen?  I'm a trainer and a nutritionist, I should know better.  And that last thought stuck with me, I DO know better.  I know it's been a difficult month where my workouts had to be put on hold and my diet was eat what I could when I could.  I know I'm getting back to my usual routine once I return home, and I'll be back in shape in no time.  So what have I learned in the last year?  That beating myself up is a waist of energy, that thinking negatively only makes it worse.  That I have the knowledge and experience to get myself back to where I want to be.  But most importantly, I'm human.  I'm not going to be perfect every second of every day, and NO ONE expects me to be.  My best advise to everyone, start talking to yourself the way you would talk to your best friends.  You know the second your friend says "I hate the way I look" you immediately tell them how amazing and beautiful they are.  Wouldn't it be nicer to talk to yourself the same way?

October 12th 2023

How to maintain your fitness schedule while on vacation

You're on vacation and you want to stay on target with Calorie Count and your Workouts.  But where to start?  Depending on where you are staying you have options; most hotels have gym facilities available.  If you're visiting a friend and staying at their home, look up local gyms, many offer free passes.  Nearby parks can have exercise equipment.  Ask your trainer for a virtual session.  And there's always youtube with a plethora of fitness channels available.  Now what about your diet?  Look up the restaurant's menu before you go, plan your meal ahead.  You could always ask for sauces to be put on the side so you have control how much you use.  If staying at a hotel, you can go to the nearby grocery store to get better quality of snacks and store them in the mini fridge provided.  The point is, you have options! You can go on vacation and still maintain your wellness routine!

October 17th 2023

What to expect when getting back into fitness after a hiatus

You're going to start working out again, fantastic!  But here's a few things you should be reminded of.  You are NOT where you were when you left off.  You will have to use lighter weights, you won't have the same stamina, and you may not be able to do the same exercises as before.  And that's ok!!!  This is normal!  If you try to push yourself too fast you could injure yourself which would lead to another long leave from working out.  So accept you've got a little bit of strength you'll need to rebuild, you'll be back before you know it! 

October 25th 2023

Communication is key​

As a trainer we are meant to push you harder than you would normally push yourself, but the last thing we would ever want to do it push you so hard, you get hurt.  When I start with a new client that if they feel any of the following pains: pinching, stabbing,  or searing you need to stop IMMEDIATELY.  We can't know what your body is feeling or what your brain is thinking, you MUST communicate with your trainers to let us know if an exercise/using too high a weight is hurting you more than the typical workout burn.  As a trainer, I am going to push you, but I want you to feel accomplished, strong, and believe it or not that you're happy! 

October 30th 2023

Healthy Looks Different to Everyone

Everyone's health goals are different.  Some people want to be muscular, or to lose those pesky 5 pounds, others are working to lower their cholesterol, and some just do it to because they like to keep moving.  There's no wrong reason to making your health a priority.  My goals are not like yours, and yours are different from everyone else, and the most important thing is to not judge others for having different goals than you. 

January 2nd 2024

New year, new you?

I never cared for that phrase.  To me, it implies that you need to change everything about you that makes you, well, you.
What do I say to that?  NAH!!!!! You’re amazing!
A new year can bring new opportunities; finding a new hobby you’ll enjoy, spending more time with friends/family, finally making YOU a priority.
How about, instead of “New Year, new you” let’s make 2024 “New Year, Happier You”

January 10th 2024

Why don't New Resolutions work?

How many of us start off January 1st with our New Years resolutions just to forget about it after a month? I'm guilty of it many years running. Why doesn't it work? Because we're not making SMART resolutions:

We tend to make unrealistic goals without any sort of a time frame. So this year I'm trying something different. I'm making weekly SMART resolutions. Making smaller goals in a short timeframe keeps it in the forefront of my mind, and so far it seems to be working.

What weekly resolution will you try first?

January 15th 2024

Let’s talk about diets


Diets are designed to fail.  Let me say that again so those in the back can hear, DIETS ARE DESIGNED TO FAIL. In all my research I found while studying to become a Nutritional Coach pointed to this.  Diets are a temporary fix.  Yes you could lose weight, but once you finish the “circuit” the weight comes right back on.  It’s not teaching you lifestyle changes, which is what you need to MAINTAIN your weight loss.


I can also speak from first hand experience, I have tried many diet trends and can tell you, they didn’t work!  Juice cleanse, Keto, Paleo, No Sugar.  Maybe I lost a few pounds, but it didn’t help me keep them off. Or they did absolutely nothing besides cause me to lose money and gain irritability.  


Bottom line, you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to develop lifestyle changes. Something catered to you, so you can still eat the things you enjoy (in moderation) and not feel like you're denying yourself. 

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